CannaVis KS+filters (hemp paper) (Wholesale)


CannaVis KS+filters (hemp paper) (Wholesale)

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CannaVis KS+filters (hemp paper)
CannaVis KS+filters (hemp paper) will make your skating easier and more convenient.

CannaVis King Size +filters are made from hemp so you can drift off into a completely green oasis of peace.

Try CannaVis rolling papers at the best prices.

CannaVis KS+filters (hemp paper) is green.

Placed on the market by: Karika Vis d.o.o., Donje Kunjanovo 6, 21480 Dračevo polje.

All CannaVis products are island-influenced, so you can wander off to your own Mediterranean paradise.

CannaVis offers some of the most potent CBD products on the market. With a well-stocked selection of products, you're sure to find the CBD that best suits your lifestyle needs. CannaVis uses only the best ingredients including broad-spectrum CBD oil extracted from hemp grown on the island of Vis.

We carefully select only quality organic ingredients.

CannaVis never compromises on strength or quality.


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