CannaVis bag


CannaVis bag

The CannaVis bag can be emptied several times

The CannaVis bag is biodegradable

The CannaVis bag has a modern look

The CannaVis bag is all you need for your shopping

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CannaVis bags let’s support the green.

Welcome to the world of practicality and style with the “CannaVis” cotton bag! This bag is not just a simple addition to your collection, but a style statement that carries a deeper message.

The “CannaVis” brand is known for its innovation and social activism, and this cotton bag is no exception. Made from high-quality cotton, this bag combines functionality with aesthetics, giving you a practical and eco-conscious way to carry your belongings.

What makes this bag special is its design. On the one hand, it stands out for its simplicity and minimalism, while on the other hand it carries a strong message. This bag invites us to think more deeply about hemp and its various uses.

Furthermore, this cotton bag also reflects your support for a sustainable lifestyle. As a product made from natural materials, this bag reduces the negative impact on the environment, contributing to global efforts to preserve the planet.

Cotton bags are made from renewable resources and are biodegradable. They are also strong and durable so they can be used multiple times.

Reusable bags are incredibly versatile and are always more than just a shopping bag! The cotton canvas bag can be repurposed as a casual day bag while you’re out for a walk or the perfect beach bag or library bag.

Choose practicality, style and social awareness with the “CannaVis” cotton bag.

Whether you use it for everyday needs, as a beach bag or as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic shopping bags, the “CannaVis” cotton bag is the perfect addition to your life.

Be part of a movement that encourages positive change and highlights the importance of open dialogue on topics that are important to us as a society.

Let’s take care of the earth together – choose CannaVis cotton bags today, and hemp bags will be available soon.

The dimensions of the bag are 37 * 42

The island of Vis

Islands! – you are encrusted with gold!

Placed on the market by: Karika Vis doo, Donje Kunjanovo 6, 21480 Vis

CannaVis is a brand of the island of Vis


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