CannaVis bag


CannaVis bag

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Let's support CannaVis Saket green.

The dimensions of the bags are 37x42 cm

From July 26, 2023, we are launching the project "Vis - an island without plastic bags, that's why we present you the CannaVis bag (saket). As a green company and OPG, we want to develop people's awareness that our island is becoming less and less green and clean and that it is high time to take action and let's start acting. This is just one of the environmental actions that the CannaVis team will design and implement in the future.

Cotton bags are made from renewable resources and are biodegradable. They are also strong and durable so they can be used multiple times.

Reusable bags are incredibly versatile and are always more than just a shopping bag! The cotton canvas bag can be repurposed as a casual day bag while you're out for a walk or the perfect beach bag or library bag.

Cotton bags are strong, wear-resistant and can withstand more weight than plastic ones. So instead of saying yes to another plastic bag that you will end up throwing away, carry your CannaVis Saket as your only and favorite bag.

Use, wash - repeat! Cotton bags have a long life, so you can love and use them for years. Even when you're done using them, they can be repurposed into pot holders, coasters, accessories and more. Be creative - there are so many ways to repurpose a cotton reusable bag. A single-use plastic bag costs 20 cents on average, and you would easily use 300 of them in a year. While a reusable bag costs a few euros. You do the math!

We can all do something to help move fossil fuel products towards a greener future.

Let's take care of the earth together - choose cotton bags today, and hemp bags will be available soon.

The island of Vis

Islands! - you are encrusted with gold!

Placed on the market by: Karika Vis doo, Donje Kunjanovo 6, 21480 Vis

CannaVis is a brand of the island of Vis


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