CannaVis day cream


CannaVis day cream

This day cream is ideal for daily use to keep the skin hydrated, elastic and healthy.

It contains carefully selected ingredients that hydrate the skin, protect it from the sun’s rays and external harmful factors, making it radiant and healthy.

Its light feeling on the skin and quick absorption make it a perfect addition to your daily beauty routine.

Let CannaVis day cream be your first and only choice in the beauty and health of your skin.

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Our new product from the CannaVis cosmetics line – CannaVis day cream!
As the largest organ, it is logical that the skin should be kept healthy and clean, so we must make sure that our skin is hydrated and clean.
The skin of the face is very sensitive and therefore needs special care and what is very important is to use only natural ingredients for facial care that will not damage your skin and further dry it out.
Daily face creams are intended to protect the skin from harmful environmental influences, hydrate your skin and prevent premature aging of your skin.
The skin has ways of naturally maintaining moisture, but when we dry it with a hot shower or when exposed to cold, we have to help it.
That is why we present to you CannaVis day cream for face and body, which contains aloe vera, hemp oil, coenzyme Q10, panthenol and green tea, which together form the perfect combination for protecting and hydrating your skin.

Why aloe vera in day cream? We will give you 6 reasons
– Helps relieve sunburn
– Helps to hydrate the skin
– Promotes wound healing
– Fights against skin aging
– Reduces infections and acne
– Brightens spots on the face

Why hemp oil in a day cream? We will list at least 5 reasons
– Reduces inflammation
– Deeply hydrates
– Contains anti-aging properties (Vitamins A, C, E, F and fatty acids)
– Prevents premature aging
– Relieves stress

Why coenzyme Q10 in a day cream? We will list 4 reasons
– Improves skin elasticity
– Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
– Evens skin tone
– Increases cell turnover
You are not sure which cream you need, look no further, there is a single CannaVis day cream for face and body that contains everything your skin needs to be healthy.

CannaVis day cream hydrates, protects, makes the skin shiny, because the CannaVis machine works for you day and night, it will help dry skin.

Ingredients of day cream:
Coenzyme Q10

Hemp oil

Aloe vera

Green tea extract


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