CannaVis PreRolls 10x


CannaVis PreRolls 10x

CannaVis pre-rolls help you quit smoking

CannaVis pre-rolls relieve you of stress

CannaVis pre-rolls is an ecological product

CannaVis pre-rolls flowers are grown without artificial fertilizers and pesticides

CannaVis pre-rolls is your number one choice

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CannaVis PreRolls 10x is a new product on the market from the CannaVis CBD collection.

The most carefully cultivated flowers from the island of Vis are found in CannaVis prerolls.

CannaVis prerolls 10 x is full of organic hemp flower grown on the island of Vis.

Some of the advantages of prerolls are:

has a strong effect with a very relaxing and soothing effect
relieves pain
helps you fall asleep more easily
a scent rich in terpenes from the island of Vis
organically grown
helps to quit smoking
Can CBD help you relieve stress? Smoking a few puffs of a pre-rolled CBD joint is a great way to unwind after a long, stressful day. Whether you prefer Sativa or Indica strains, CBD is a therapeutic cannabinoid. Either type will provide the desired effects to keep stress at bay.

CBD products do not have an intoxicating effect, but you will get a soothing and relaxing feeling when you smoke CBD pre-roll. That is why CBD is recommended as an alternative medicine for certain diseases. It has analgesic properties that help control pain and can also relieve stress-related conditions.


Percentage of CBD: <10%

Percentage of THC: <0.2%

Produced in harmony with nature on a family farm on the island of Vis.

Composition: Dried hemp flower Sativa L.

This is a certified EU variety of hemp listed in the EU catalog.

It does not produce psychoactive effects.

Manufacturer: OPG AgroVis, Ulica Vlaha Paljetka 5, 21480 Vis

Placed on the market by: Karika Vis d.o.o., Donje Kunjanovo 6, 21480 Dračevo polje


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