Rick Simpson biography

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Rick Simpson biography

Rick Simpson biography

The story of Rick Simpson begins in 1969 when his cousin was diagnosed with cancer.

After surgery and chemotherapy, the doctors believed he had gotten rid of the cancer.

Three years later, during a visit to the doctor, he was told he only had a few months to live because his cancer had returned.

A relative of Rick Simpson died just three months after his last medical examination.

After this traumatic experience, Rick Simpson heard about hemp on the radio as a killer of cancer cells.

The radio show took place in a light, almost mocking tone, so Rick Simpson thought the information was a hoax.

Rick Simpson Chronic Disturbance

Rick Simpson used to work in a Canadian hospital and during that time he was exposed to asbestos,

which caused him to fall off a ladder one day and end up with a serious head injury.

He used prescription drugs, but his condition only got worse.

In 1998, Rick watched a TV show called “Hemp Madness 2”, after watching the TV program

he bought hemp and consumed it, after which his condition was much better.

He went to his doctor and told him about the effects of cannabis and asked him to prescribe it, but the doctor refused.

and told him that hemp is not good for him because it has not been researched enough.

Rick Simpson decides to grow hemp and produce hemp oil as his only medicine.

By consuming hemp oil, his condition improved, and his friends also noticed an improvement in his condition,

and Rick Simpson considered hemp oil a one-of-a-kind miracle.

Rick Rimpson and skin cancer

At the end of 2002, the family doctor examined three spots on his skin that he suspected were malignant tumors.

The doctor assumed it was skin cancer. One was next to the right eye, another on the left cheek and one on the chest.

The cancer in his right eye was surgically removed, and the doctors made a schedule to remove the others as well

Two weeks later, the wound under the right eye became infected.

Then Rick Simpson decided to put a plaster with hemp oil on the remaining two tumors and after four days the tumors disappeared.

Rick Simpson was excited because hemp oil cured his skin cancer and immediately went to his doctor

for a copy of the pathological report on which it was written that he had skin cancer.

He informed his sister that the cancer had returned and that he had cured it with hemp oil, but his sister’s reaction confused him.

She told him that the doctor wouldn’t even want to hear that hemp heals

Simpson truly believed in the medicinal properties of hemp and was determined to share his discovery with the world.

Namely, as proof of his character and passion, Simpson decided not to patent his oil or the extraction method.

Instead, he encouraged hemp oil to be available to anyone who needed it.

Rick Simpson biography


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