Increase in the price of cigarettes in 2024 – Impact on smokers and society

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As we enter the year 2024, one of the most important changes that will affect many people is the increase in the price of cigarettes in Croatia. This change will not only affect smokers, but also the wider social and economic picture of the country. In this blog, we will explore the reasons behind the price increase, its impact on smokers and society, and the alternatives that are offered.

Reasons for the price increase:

The question arises as to why there is an increase in the price of cigarettes. One of the main reasons lies in the state’s efforts to reduce tobacco consumption in order to protect public health. Increasing the price of cigarettes is one of the ways to reduce their availability and consumption, which in the long run should reduce the number of smokers and the resulting health problems. Also inflation takes its toll and many tobacco companies want to make the same money as before inflation.

Impact on Smokers:

The increase in the price of cigarettes has a direct impact on smokers. Higher prices may encourage some smokers to consider quitting or reducing consumption. Also, the increase in costs can affect the financial situation of smokers, forcing them to adjust their consumption habits. Smoking as such becomes a luxury and the average smoker (1 pack of cigarettes per day) will spend approximately €150 per month on cigarettes.

Social Impact:

In addition to the individual impact on smokers, the increase in the price of cigarettes also has a wider social impact. Reducing tobacco use can lead to lower health care costs, which could free up resources for other health system priorities. Also, fewer smokers means fewer exposed passive smokers, which contributes to a general improvement in the health of the population. Smoking in Croatia is part of the mainstream culture and is often smoked in the presence of children, which is certainly not good.


Instead of just punishing smokers by increasing the price of cigarettes, it is important to offer them alternatives and support to quit smoking. This may include access to smoking cessation programs, education about the harms of smoking, and promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Many smokers stop smoking tobacco with the help of female flowers of industrial hemp, either in the form of tea or in the form when it is wrapped in a piece of paper. 72% of people pointed out that with the help of CBD flowers they managed to overcome tobacco addiction or reduce smoking to a quarter of the cigarettes smoked.


The increase in the price of cigarettes in Croatia represents an important step in the fight against smoking and the protection of public health. Although it may cause temporary difficulties for smokers, it should bring benefits to both individual and societal health in the long run. It is important to continuously support smokers in their efforts to quit smoking and work to create an environment that encourages healthier lifestyle habits.

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