Rick Simpson oil -making

Rick Simpson ulje -izrada

Rick Simpson oil -making

The process of making Rick Simpson oil:

Preparation of materials

– To make oil, use high-quality indica flowers or indica dominant crosses with sativa. The amount of oil obtained varies from variety to variety of the plant.

-Place the material (flowers/leaves) in a deep container to prevent the oil solvent mixture from splashing during the washing process.

-Put the flower in the solvent, then crush it with a wooden object

-Add more solvent so that the flower is completely immersed in the solution

-Process it for another three to four minutes

-Pour the solvent mixture into another clean container, leaving the material in the original container so that it can be washed a second time

-Use clean water canisters or something similar with a smaller opening at the top. Insert funnels into them, then place large coffee filters into the funnels.

Cooking oil

-If you don’t already have one, buy a cheap and bigger electric rice cooker with a removable lid

which has a high and low heat setting that serves to boil the solvent from the oil.

-Ensure that the cooker is in a well-ventilated area, and place a fan nearby to blow away the vapors of the boiling solvent.

-After the solvent mixture has been filtered, put the mixture in the cooker

– The ideal temperature for cooking RSO is 110 degrees

-fill the rice cooker until about three-quarters full with the oil solvent mixture, which leaves room for the oil solvent mixture to boil without splashing. Put the rice cooker on high and then start boiling the solvent. Never try to do this without using a fan, as solvent vapors could build up and if they come into contact with the heating element inside the rice cooker, they could cause the vapors to ignite.

-After the level in the rice cooker has dropped, continue to carefully add the remaining oil solvent mixture until there is nothing left. When the level in the rice cooker is lowered for the last time and reduced to about five cm of the remaining solvent mixture. Add about 10 to 12 drops of water to the oil-solvent mixture that remains in the rice cooker. This small amount of water allows the remaining solvent to cook off the oil that remains in the cooking pot more quickly

-After the rice cooker automatically switches to low heat, I usually let it cool until it switches to high heat again. After the cooker has automatically switched to low temperature for the second time, we remove the inner pot from the cooker and pour its contents into a stainless steel measuring cup. This is a method written by Rick Simpson.

Rick Simpson oil – making

The CannaVis team does not recommend making oils in this way. Use certified industrial hemp flower processors like Biologika thrive etc.


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Rick Simpson ulje -izrada

Rick Simpson oil -making

Rick Simpson oil -making The process of making Rick Simpson oil: Preparation of materials –

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